It’s no secret that I love theme parks, but it’s not just the rides that I enjoy. I get super into the weeds of the technical details and theming that goes into making attractions and environments a true experience. I’ve just returned from a family trip to Walt Disney World and this time I really took notice of the textures and detail that goes into each and every structure, floor and prop on the property. I thought some of them would make fun wallpapers for your favorite mobile device.

If you’re on a desktop:
Right-click or Control-click on an image and open in a new tab to download.

If you’re on a phone/tablet:
Press & hold on an image and select save image.


Last week, we braved the midwest summer heat and humidity to seek out some roller coaster fun at the best amusement park in America – Cedar Point. It’s not shocking if you haven’t heard of this place – it’s in the middle of nowhere (about an hour from Cleveland) - and most people don’t seek out distant small towns in search of rides… but I’m not most people.

Cedar Point is heaven for roller coaster nerds like me, with 17 in one park – more than any other in the world. And to boot, most of them are amazing. Well designed, well maintained and well operated, this place runs how an amusement park should.

We got lucky with the crowds since Ohio kids are already back in school and it granted us some extra time to play with cameras. I put my recently acquired Canon EF70-200mm lens to the test and the sharpness came out great!

Check out all the shots over on my flickr.

We’re not even a quarter way through the year and as we roll into Spring, I’m noticing so much change. I’ve recently started a new job at Sony Network Entertainment, doing product design for PlayStation Vue – a wonderful opportunity that I’m so excited to be embarking on (and if you haven’t tried it out, do, because Vue is really awesome!). While it was hard to leave behind the great strides I’d taken in my years at Citrix, it was time for me to take a risk and go after design in an area that really excites me.

This new job has me taking on a serious commute with lots of walking and a long train ride – something I’ve not done in a really long time. The thought of this long journey each day was initially daunting, but I’ve found that I’m really starting to value the daily routine and experience. The walks give me some personal time with my thoughts (or a good audio book – I’m an Audible addict) and the train ride gives you a bit of a buzz as you compete for a seat and then feed off the energy of other busy commuters. I’ve also been reading like crazy, burning through multiple books in a week.

Working in San Francisco has also reinvigorated me. I’ve forgotten how much I longed for just a slice of city life in my daily routine. Seeing your surroundings by foot rather than by car is such a different experience – and one that we often take for granted. In just 3 short weeks, I’ve seen both beauty and sadness. From a grand colorful mural being painted on the wall of a pizzeria to the swaths of unfortunate homeless that are a true sign of the times in SF, I’m taking in the city – good and bad.

I’ve also upgraded my camera in this short time frame from a Canon 7D to a 5D Mk III – and let me tell you – that full frame sensor is EVERYTHING. I took it out for an initial big spin this past weekend with my friend Sue at Hokone Gardens in Saratoga and that’s what really got my mind spinning about change. Spring is definitely in the air and everything is blooming. After the heavy rain we’ve had in this drought-stricken area, the color outside is so vibrant, it’s almost vibrating. So much new life is cropping up everywhere you look.

I guess my point is really just to say that I’m happy to be taking in more of my surroundings with my new routines and toys. I hope the rest of this year brings more adventures… and more fun things to shoot!

Every time I travel, I have an internal debate that many now face – do I take a stand-alone camera or just use my iPhone? Last summer, however, I learned my lesson. I spent two weeks in Europe and opted to take a small travel camera rather than my DSLR rig and lenses. While a compact travel camera allowed me to be more nimble, as a result, I took less time to craft my shots. When I have a full rig with me, I take more time to find framing that interests me and to make sure I get the shot I want, even if it takes longer. I find I also feel less self-conscious about taking pictures of “touristy” stuff with a bigger rig because my big cameras allow me to see things in ways that smaller ones don’t. Read More →

A new year, a new site design, new work and a new CMS. And it’s about time. Somehow years have passed since I’ve done a serious visual overhaul to my website. Four years, in fact. With all the stressors of life, it can be hard to make time to design for yourself. To represent yourself in a way that’s fresh and interesting. But it was time. I’ve put a lot of hard work into this big new visual overhaul and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Read More →

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