Ever heard of Exquisite Corpse? It’s an old Surrealist game where you draw a portion of a picture, obscure what you’ve drawn by folding the paper, then hand off the paper to others to continue and finish the drawing where you’ve left off. Read More →

In July 2005, I joined a new, quiet photography community (now owned by Yahoo!) called flickr. I didn’t know much about photography aside from the fact that I really liked it. Over the next 10 years, I would truly learn the mechanics of cameras, hone my skill, meet some absolutely AMAZING people who are now lifelong friends and capture thousands of wonderful memories. Read More →

You’d think that using a watch would be pretty straight forward, right? Strap it on, look at information on watch. Ok well what about a smart watch? Read More →

I recently co-wrote an article for Citrix with Simon Farrugia from Citrix Labs. We’ve both been recently fascinated with the rise of the maker movement and how its harkening back to the process of making physical things is changing the way we think about and design software. 3D printing and maker techniques have become a fun new track for us to explore at Citrix. Jump over to the Citrix website to see how we’re doing it.

Jump over to read the article

Playing around with my new, inexpensive wide angle. Loving the quick results thus far.

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